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FootStock takes the skill from Fantasy Football & combines this the thrills of Football betting to produce the Ultimate Trading Card game.
There’s so many ways to play on FootStock. If you only want to use the Trading Platform to make money, that’s completely fine.
If you enjoy Fantasy Football & want to make some money from the Tournaments that are on offer, you can do that too. Warning, the prize pots are huge!
If you like opening packs, channel your inner FIFA Ultimate Team and try and pack some legends! 
The Opportunities are endless.

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Battle against Friends & Foe in Fantasy Football Competitions, with Huge Prize Pots.

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Buy & Sell Players with other Traders. Use the Trading for profit, or to build the perfect collection.

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Be the best trader. Have the best collection of cards. Win the biggest competitions. Have fun.


What Members think about FootStock

“Who knew Football could be so fun. Competing with my mates for the chance to win Thousands of Pounds.”

Tom P

“I Used to spend £100 a month on UT Packs, which was a virtual game. Now, I can make real money from the packs I open”.

Dan S

“The Roulette Competitions are everything. Playing against other members for bragging rights!”.

Mike L

“This is just what the Football Betting world needed. It’s much better than wasting your money on accumulators”.

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