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From 28th January 2020, you can now trade on Footstock app on your Android devices (Google Play). Now, both iOS (Apple App Store) and Android apps are released, we can now receive notifications for tournaments and various features. Again, you can still use the web app on your desktop if you wish. Footstock has brought us many things this January. The following are the ones you should know about.

Footstock App Special

Don’t forget to enter this £1000 free roll tournament which starts on 1st February. You can only find this when you use either the iOS or Android App. Do it and good luck!

Net tournament losses promo

Be sure to enter your tournaments. Especially the Beginners, Amateur and Pro tournaments. Have a read how this works via twitter (thread).

Footstock Slack channel

It’s now official! Great work from FootstockChat (via Footstock Slack and Twitter). Welcome and join the community in Slack (join Footstock Slack channel).

FootstockHero (formally known as Footstock TourneyHero)

This is another exciting event. Please have a look at this via twitter (thread).

Choosing my team

I recently covered the scoring matrix and included some previous wins and analysed what happened (Footstock Scoring matrix and iOS app). This time, we will look at how to choose players per position.

Warning: More videogame references!

Footstock twitter seems to enjoy the Street Fighter references judging by several tweets from myself and FPL Green Arrow. What I will do below is describe what kind of player I would be looking for with some Street Fighter analogy. 

GOAL – Goalkeeper

  • Plays 90 mins regularly
  • Saves regularly
  • Low error proneness
  • Key stat(s): Save (2pt)
  • Bonus stat(s): Clean sheet (10pt), Penalty Save (15pt)
  • Key negative stat(s): Similar to all positions but ‘Goal against’ has no impact

Judging the tweet above, we could all agree Dhalsim would be a great goalkeeper. His long limps can block and reach tough corners. He can burn you with Yoga Fire…. not allowed in football sorry!

DEF – Defender

  • Plays 90 mins regularly
  • Depends which part of defence but someone who could win the ball back and keeps it simple
  • Low error proneness
  • Centre back key stat(s): Tackle won (1pt), Interception (0.5pt)
  • Full back key stat(s): Tackle won (1pt), Cross (0.5pt)
  • Bonus stat(s): Clean sheet (5pt)
  • Key negative stat(s): Goal against (-2pt)

Footstock sees Zangeif as an unorthodox opposition shot stopper. He would be beast as a centre back but possibly commit a lot of fouls with his Spinning Pile Driver! 

A special mention for full back will be the beautiful Chun-Li. She’s quick, nimble, graceful and can flick crosses into the box with her Spinning Bird Kick!

MID – Midfielder

  • Plays 65+ mins regularly
  • Depends which part of midfield
  • Centre midfield key stat(s): Tackle won (1pt), Interception (0.5pt), Ball recovery (0.3pt)
  • Side midfield key stat(s): Contest won (2pt), Cross (0.5pt)
  • Attacking midfield key stat(s): Contest won (2pt), Shot on target (1pt)
  • Bonus stat(s): Clean sheet (1pt)
  • Key negative stat(s): Goal against (-1pt)

In the world of Street Fighter, I’ll have Guile as my centre midfield general. He only can throw Sonic Booms to scramble the ball and throw a Flash Kick for tactical fouls… a bit dirty! Side midfield I’ll have a speed demon like Cammy darting about with her Spiral Arrow! Finally, for attacking midfield, I need someone flamboyant, has to be Fei Long. He is homage to the late Bruce Lee!

ATT – Attacker

  • Plays 65+ mins regularly
  • Someone who is a deadly finisher or creative
  • No.9 key stat(s): Shot on target (1pt)
  • Winger key stat(s): Contest won (2pt), Cross (0.5pt), Ball recovery (0.3pt)
  • Bonus stat(s): None so he better score a goal or assist
  • Key negative stat(s): Like goalkeeper as ‘Goal against’ has no impact

The best attacking pair that you could get is Ryu and Ken. They both have very similar moves but Ryu can throw a flamed version of Hadouken and Ken can let off a flaming Shoryuken. How would they fare? Ken will be like a winger taking on defenders then unleash and assist Ryu to score. You Win… Perfect!

Piece of cake

Is it really? You have to remember, you also got to consider a number factors as well before confirming your players for the tournament entry. Below are general factors that could play have a impact on any player:-

  • Form – a goal scoring draught, purple patch vice versa
  • Injury and fatigue – long term injury, coming back from injury, played too many games
  • Minutes – not being selected, fell down to the pecking order
  • New kid on the block – new team, new environment
  • New manager – master Gouken turned me into a beast but now M.Bison has turned me into a slave

Always keep checking your players before confirming them. I wish you all good luck on this! That’s it for today. Stayed tuned for the next one!

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