Footstock Affiliate Scheme

FootStock have created an affiliate scheme which will allow users to promote the platform & earn a commission from any sales that are made.

You can register for this affiliate scheme by clicking the below banner & registering for the platform.

They offer very generous commission, which is paid out monthly.  To find out more information, click here or the banner below!

FootStock Affiliate Program – Advertise FootStock

What are Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs enable companies and individuals who own forums, blogs, and websites to monetize their fans and traffic by promoting a company’s products. An affiliate marketer uses affiliate links to send traffic and refer users to the company website. Once the referred customers generate revenue, the affiliate marketer earns some commission.

In affiliate marketing, an online merchant that sells a service, tool, or product agrees to pay an affiliate a percentage of any sale made through an affiliate link. Thus, incentivize affiliates to refer customers to them in exchange for a commission. Affiliate marketing constitutes one of the simple ways that brands can attract new customers. This is because they tap onto websites, blogs, and forums that are frequented by their target audience. These online merchants depend on millions of affiliate links to lead potential customers to their sites.

There are different kinds of agreements. Some affiliate programs offer commissions to affiliates only after referred customers complete sales. Others give out commissions when visitors sign up for free trials of their products.

Besides, there is a huge difference in commission rates. For this reason, an affiliate marketer needs to find out about the rates before choosing a particular program. Basically, there are three key categories of rewards.

Rewards Categories

FootStock Affiliate Program

You can join this program for free. Their signing up process is easy because no technical knowledge is required. Like other affiliate companies, FootStock program offers website owners and bloggers extra ways to generate more income. When you become an affiliate marketer for FootStock, you will get paid to generate traffic to their website.

How Does FootStock Affiliate Program Work?

After joining this affiliate program, you are supplied with a variety of textual links and banners. These are the marketing tools that you place on your blog or site. These links and banners point back to the company’s website. So when users click on them, they are diverted to FootStock’s site. They have software that tracks every activity of a referred visitor. This ensures that every affiliate marketer is paid their deserved commission.

A remarkable thing about FootStock program is that it offers real-time reporting and statistics. Thus, when you join the program, you can get real-time updates about how your links and banners are performing. Besides, you can check and know your account balance, traffic, and sales at any time of the day.

You need to have a minimum balance of £100.00 GBP to qualify for a payout. Regarding the payout duration, affiliate marketers are paid once every month. For instance, earnings for the current month are paid the following month.

Why You Need To Join Footstock?

Joining FootStock is free, and they offer you an opportunity to make money by promoting and marketing them through The likes, views, and clicks associated with your affiliate links will earn you a huge commission.

How To Register As An Affiliate?

You only need to visit the FootStock website and fill in your details in their registration form. Once you fill in your details, wait for the approval of your account. The approval process is quick, so you don’t have to wait for long. After your account gets approved, you can then add the tracking banners, links, reviews or other marketing strategies to your site and begin promoting FootStock. Before you realize, you will have started earning!

What If You Have A Negative Carryover?

It is good to note that FootStock does not carry balances forward to the following month. To them, every month, open a new cycle.

How You Get Paid?

The affiliates are paid by the 15th of the following month. For instance, if your income was generated between 1st -31st of June, you will receive your commission by the 15th of July. They usually make payments through Neteller, PayPal, FootStock account or bank transfer.

What If You Are A Player From Another Country?

FootStock only accepts players from the countries that are included in their list. You need to check from to confirm if you can get involved.

Rules and Regulations

You are required to follow the rules and regulations set by the governing body regarding advertising and gambling. FootStock is regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). So they abide by the rules set by UKGC.

Responsible Gambling

In the world today, gambling has become common to most people. Some do it for fun, while others are already addicted to it. Responsible gambling does not destroy somebody’s life that of their family. FootStock follows the standards set in the UK to protect players from developing risk behaviours that can cause them to become gambling addicts.

FootStock has a Tailored Approach

The company offers affiliates the resources they require to improve their offers continuously. Also, it supports them to optimize their efforts so that they can be successful in the modern competitive market.

The affiliate program uses next-generation technology to track affiliates’ players. Likewise, they employ the latest technology to provide different payment methods. Besides, they have a competent team that is always available to customize promotions and marketing materials to suit individual requirements.

Why join the FootStock Affiliate Program?

Here are some aspects that make this program outstanding and popular.

Unlike the usual gaming products, FootStock products are unique because they are designed with true football fans in mind. One of their uniqueness is that they have a new football gaming app that brings together fans and their preferred players. This is a great thing for affiliates because they get to market and promote a unique product. It is this uniqueness that makes it easy for affiliates to draw more customers and in the end make huge profits.

FootStock aims to transform football fans so that their lives can be more exciting and passionate about soccer.

The design of their products is informed by user interaction and experience. Besides, FootStock works together with third party suppliers to offer the best in terms of retention and acquisition tools.

FootStock has a dedicated team that offers affiliates the required assistance and tools. These will help you to increase your earnings.

The company has partnered with some of the world’s top affiliate partners to provide unique products. In addition, they believe in partnerships where every party gains. They achieve fairness through their reasonable commissions and maintaining mutual trust with their affiliates.

You can never go wrong with the FootStock Affiliate Program because your earnings increased as you send them more players.