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Buy & Sell Players, Enter Tournaments & Build a Legendary Collection.

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FootStock Review: The Beginners Guide

What is FootStock?

FootStock is a gambling platform, which combines many different aspects than you would find on Football Index or SportStack. However, they’re all different products and cannot be directly compared.

Footstock is a Football Stock Market, with the additional aspects of Fantasy Football, Player vs Player Tournaments & Online Challenges. 

Depending on your age, or experiences, you’d most likely classify FootStock as a Hybrid between Fifa Ultimate Team, Panini Sticker Collecting & Top Trumps. 

In all honesty, these classifications above sound quite confusing, but be sure to read more below & I’m sure you’ll fully understand that Footstock, is Footstock.

Want to try FootStock?

When you try FootStock using our link, you can claim a fantastic welcome bonus. This contains 50 Bonus Cards, Tournament Coupons & a Double Up Coupon. All explained, below.

How to Play FootStock

After you’ve registered on the above link, you’ll be taken to the dashboard area for Footstock. This contains 6 key tiles which we will discuss in-depth below:

The FootStock Shop

The FootStock Shop is the are where you will be buying your packs. It’s exhilarating, there’s no better feeling than packing a legend player!

Footstock Review

Similarly to Ultimate Team, you have a chance of packing Legendary players. It’s a completely random selection, but there is an Average Pack Content which can be seen here.

FootStock Review

The FootStock Market

Once you have purchased some packs, you’ll have players in your collection. If you don’t want the players, you can sell them in the market. This is a Peer to Peer market, where you can choose the price you want to sell the player for. It’s incorporated with a fully functional order book system.

If you fancy yourself as a Football Trader, you can use this market to make money. Buying players that are cheap, selling them at their peak. There are many ways to play Footstock. One things for sure, if you know your Youth Players, you had better snap them up before they become a legendary card!

When you enter the market, you’ll see a price above the players head. This price is the Buy price, the amount of money you’ll need in your account, if you want to purchase that player.

Footstock don’t control the price of each player, it’s based upon Supply and Demand. Legendary players usually are the most expensive, as they are some of the highest scoring, rarest to find players.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no bargains to be found, so eyes peeled!

FootStock Review Market

When you click on a specific player, you’ll see extra information about him. Note, looking at the price area, we can see the price to buy the card, the price to sell the card & the last card deal. 

You could sell Bruno Fernandes right now for £242.19, which means that another trader on the platform has placed a ‘Bid’ of £242.19, requesting to purchase him.

One example to make money here could be to purchase Bruno at £242, listing him for sale then for £255. I can think of worse ways to make 5% profit!

Footstock Review Market Sell

Your FootStock Collection

The whole platform is based upon building the best collection of players. One thing you want to do with your collection, is look at it! Admire it!

Your collection area contains every single card that you own, even players which have been added into tournaments etc.

As you can see here, I’ve been a little enthusiastic with some Youth Players. I figured that Saka is the benchmark for these two youngsters, so have purchased ‘a few’.

When you visit your collection, you’ll see a figure on the top right which will show you exactly how many cards of each player you have. For example, I have 60 x Willock. It also shows the current sell price, so I know I could guarantee £2.30 to sell each of my Willock Cards (If there are 60 orders at this price).

FootStock Market Collection

FootStock Rewards Hub

What I really like about FootStock is their appreciation for your efforts. FootStock have added Challenges & Coupons into their Platform, to allow you to feel some sense of achievement with your collections. These Challenges and reward vary, but we’ve summarised them below.

Firstly, you’ll see the Challenges area. Each one of these challenges can be clicked on, which will bring your challenge up. 

The challenges vary, but they are very fun and rewarding. For example, one challenge is to join 10x beginner tournaments, this would give you a 20% discount on your next pack.

There’s other challenges which offer Free Cards, Deposit Bonuses & more.

Footstock Review: challenges

Alongside the Footstock rewards area, you’ll see the Coupons list. This area contains all of the active and used coupons. 

Any coupon that you earn from packs or challenges will be stored here. You can then click to ‘use’ them.

Our favourite is the deposit bonus coupon! 

FootStock Review

FootStock Games Area

FootStock are continually adding new games to their library. Currently we have Single Roulette, Roulette Tournaments & Raffles on offer. However, this is consistently changing, there are more games in development.

Single Roulette

This is where you play Roulette against the House. It’s you, versus Footstock. You pick a card from your selection and face a random card, issued by Footstock. 

It costs £0.49 for your first 5 spins, £0.99 for your next 5 spins & £1.49 for your next 5 spins.

There’s a maximum of 15 Spins per day against the house.

Footstock Roulette

Roulette Tournaments

Roulette Tournaments are the Online alternative, where you play against friend and foes online.

Tournaments range from 1v1, all the way to 32 man tournaments. They’re brilliant, but often nail-biting.

Footstock review tournaments

Footstock Tournaments

Footstock Tournaments are the way to make money from your player performance, on the pitch. It’s very similar to Fantasy Football, where your player earns points for his actions on the pitch. Enter a tournament, if your players perform well, the highest scoring lineups will win the prize pots. 

There are many different tournaments to enter on a daily basis. They range from being completely free, to £40 per entry. You can enter as little, or as many tournaments as you wish.

Virtual Tournaments

When there’s no football being played, Footstock still continues. They make virtual match-ups, with huge prize pots. Past Match Data is used and the virtual games play out, much like a Football Manager game! This is fantastic, especially with the boredom of no football being played. As they say;

The Show must Go on!

Footstock Tournament

Player Restrictions

To Even things up, Footstock have added player restrictions to certain categories. This will help new users with onboarding, as they may not necessarily have tonnes of 4 and 5 star players in their collection.

Tournaments can be won with any player on the platform. You definitely have to be in it, to win it.

FootStock - Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve added an area below with the most frequently asked questions for the platform. This will help with onboarding and provide the tips required for you to succeed. Footstock is so fun, it would be unfortunate for you to miss out, due to the rules not being clear!

What Leagues are covered?

Currently, the Premier League is the sole focus for Footstock. It’s a new platform, which is still working to perfect itself, before expanding. However, we were advised that discussions to add further competitions are at an ‘advanced‘ stage.

I’m more than happy with the Premier League currently!

How Do I make Money on FootStock?

You can become a Stock Trader, buying players cheap and selling them on at a premium.

You can win cards in Roulette, selling them for a profit.

Or, you can also enter tournaments and when your players perform well, you win!

There’s many ways to play FootStock.

What happens if my player leaves the Premier League?

FootStock have you covered. You won’t lose your card, instead it will become inactive. An inactive card can be traded, for a small fee. This card will be traded for a player that matches the star rating. For example, if Mohamed Salah was 5* and leaves Liverpool, You’ll be able to swap for a random 5* player.

Is it like Football Index?

Footstock does get compared with Football Index regularly, but they are completely different products. They’re both great platforms & much better than placing an accumulator bet, that’s for sure!

I use both & believe they work together pretty well. One brings daily entertainment, the other brings me dividends! 

Footstock Trading

Where can I Learn more?

You’re in the right place! I have a YouTube channel which is:

The Football Trader

I cover Footstock and Football Index content. I provide assistance with both platforms & I’m here to help. 

I’d love if you could subscribe to the Channel, to help it grow!

The Football Trader

What is the FootStock Sign Up Bonus?

The FootStock Sign Up Bonus is actually quite generous, when you click the Sign Up link on our website.

What's the Bonus?

You will receive 50 Bonus Cards to start off, alongside tournament coupons and a double up pack. 

We are most excited about this double up pack!

Footstock referral code

What's special about the Double up?

In a normal Premium Pack you would receive 10 cards. At the price of £99.99, that’s basically £10 a card. 

With the double up pack, you would be getting each card for £5 each, which is a great discount! It also increases your chances of hitting a legendary card!

Click here For the latest Footstock Sign up Offer

Footstock review

Footstock Review: My Conclusion

Footstock is a fantastic platform. It offers many ways for you to play. 

If you want to trade, but don’t want to enter tournaments, that’s possible.

If you want to open packs and try and sell them for a profit, you can also do this.

However, I think you’ll get the most fun out of the product by utilising all aspects and doing bits of both. It’s important to remember that Footstock are also still building, this isn’t the final version of their platform and they are working on a better design for User Experience.

The owners of Footstock are a credit to their product. They’re more than happy to talk with their customers, they’re also very transparent with their future updates. 

It’s a very exciting product, which is going places. Be sure to sign up and get your free cards, you don’t want to miss the boat!

If you’d like to be included in the WhatsApp group which has been created for Traders to showcase their tips (and pack openings!) please drop me an email to [email protected]

Alternatively, you can chat over on the Footstock Reddit

FootStock Updates: Progression & Changes

FootStock Virtual Battles

On 18th May 2020, FootStock introduced Virtual Battles to their Games list. 

This is a fast paced virtual contest which has limited entries. As soon as the spots have been filled for a specific match, the game will begin.

It’s a fully virtual game, which runs in a similar way to the current virtual tournaments.

However, there’s a limited amount of people that can enter. On the current Games list, there’s a maximum of 8 entries. 

You have to pay to enter, but there’s many different games to join. It ranges from £0.50 to £5. Again, you’ll be playing these contests online, potentially against your friends!

Unlike Virtual Tournaments, Virtual Battles run 24/7. As soon as the virtual battle has maximum participants, it will begin.

You must pay your entry fee to reserve your spot, then pick your team. If you fail to pick your team in the 5 minute window, your entry fee is refunded.


How many people will win money from Virtual Battles?

2 Players:

The winner gets 100% of the pot.

4 Players:
The winner gets 70% and the 2nd 30% of the pot.

8 Players:
The winner gets 60%, the 2nd 27.5% and the 3rd gets 12.5% of the pot.