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From 8th January 2020, you can now trade on Footstock app on your iOS devices (Apple App Store). The Android version will be coming soon in a matter of days and weeks! Exciting times with notifications for tournaments would make Footstock extremely interactive. Of course, you can still use the web app on your desktop but being able to get a native on your smartphone and tablet is very beneficial!

Scoring matrix

As promised from my previous blog post, Rookie level for Footstock, we will cover the scoring matrix. Unfortunately, with everything in life, we must try to understand what works and what doesn’t. The Footstock scoring matrix is relatively fair in my opinion as I have not really encountered particularly OP cards or positions just yet. Let’s have a look at the scoring matrix table:-

  • Goal: 20
  • Assist: 10
  • Win: 6
  • Clean sheet: 10 for GK, 5 for DEF, 1 for MID, 0 for ATT
  • Contest won: 2
  • Save: 2
  • Tackle won: 1
  • Shot on target: 1
  • Interception: 0.5
  • Cross: 0.5
  • Clearance: 0.3
  • Ball recovery: 0.3
  • Pass completed: 0.05
  • Penalty Save: 15 for GK, 0 for all
  • Mins: 0.025
  • Possession lost: -0.2
  • Foul: -0.2
  • Offside: -1
  • Goal against: 0 for GK and ATT, -2 for DEF, -1 for MID
  • Yellow card: -2
  • Error to a shot: -2
  • PK conceded: -5
  • Error to a goal: -5
  • 2 yellow cards: -6
  • Red card: -8
  • Own goal: -8
  • PK miss: -15

Which position is the best?

I tweeted a table with an analysis of each position after working out the Base PPG of the best Prem players of the season so far.

This doesn’t mean goalkeepers are the best positional cards but they are definitely good to think about using sometimes. Again, it depends on matchups. Every match is like rock, paper, scissors!

Tactics for tournaments

So far I have entered a mixture of Free, Beginner and Amateur (yes moving towards Intermediate level) tournaments. Below are my biggest win for each type so far which includes the tactics for each, period (8th Jan 2020).

Best Free tournament win

  • Type: multi
  • Competition: FA Cup
  • Main approach: choose players on the confirmed lineups (usually under 1 hour before match starts) for the first set of fixtures (e.g. BUR vs PET, ROC vs NEW)
  • Position(s) avoided: GKs because cup games can be unpredictable
  • Position rules: must have at least 1 x DEF, 1 x MID, 1 x ATT
  • Winnings: £15.00

Despite saying avoiding GKs for cup games, I went with Joe Hart in the end as I wasn’t sure what the lineups could be for the other fixtures. I needed someone who has a higher chance of 90 mins and in end, Burnley could have easily kept clean sheet. I tried to stack as many ATT and MID who have a goal or assist threat generally.

Best tip for future tournament(s) like this: don’t underestimate the potential of GKs.

Best Beginner tournament win

  • Type: multi
  • Competition: league
  • Main approach: choose players on the confirmed lineups (usually under 1 hour before match starts) for the first set of fixtures and predicted starting XI for big fixtures  (e.g. ARS vs MUN)
  • Position(s) avoided: none
  • Position rules: must have at least 1 x DEF, 1 x MID, 1 x ATT, 1 x COMMON allowance then BASIC cards only
  • Winnings: £16.50

Tough one to choose players to enter with several rules. Most starting XI for top teams are rarely BASIC category so I had to be a bit savvy. Let’s talk about the reason for each picks:-

  • Ismaila Sarr (BASIC) – Nigel Pearson being Watford’s manager will always give some boost. Wolves have played both Man City and Liverpool before this. I expected Watford to take advantage of the tired Wolves mentally and physically.
  • Anthony Martial (COMMON) – mainly because of his form and in case he does score. Being an ATT, it does help to give you a chance for a high score.
  • Mesut Özil (BASIC) – Mikel Arteta seems to have made Özil work harder. Big game at home against Man United and he is due a good game. Pure wildcard such as his enigmatic nature.
  • Jesse Lingard (BASIC) – has a good record against Arsenal and he is due a good game.
  • Joe Gomez (BASIC) – purely as a Liverpool player and he’s clearly taking advantage of the absence of his other centre back teammates.
  • Will Hughes (BASIC) – same reason with Ismaila Sarr.

Best tip for future tournament(s) like this: must look into each teams fixture traffic. Watford was my Most-Valuable-Team for this win!

Best Amateur tournament win

  • Type: single
  • Competition: league
  • Main approach: choose best available cards in terms of category
  • Position(s) avoided: none
  • Position rules: must have at least 1 x DEF, 1 x MID, 1 x EPIC allowance then anything below, 3 x same clubs
  • Winnings: £35.93

My biggest win and biggest risk too. Danny Ings with a brace was like an Xmas present! James Ward-Prowse pinging a lot crosses too for Southampton. Frédéric Guilbert was a very good pick for me here as he ticked both boxes, DEF and also as a player from a different club. He also played very well despite being on the losing team.

Best tip for future tournament(s) like this: must pick the team with good health in terms of injuries.

Nov 2019 to Xmas 2019

Towards the end of 2019, I went to put more deposit towards Footstock as there were deposit bonuses and net spend bonuses which I utilised and took advantage during my festive holidays. Let’s look at my current ROI, period (8th Jan 2020):-

  • Date joined: 12th Apr 2019
  • Total deposit: £1,593.95
  • Withdrawal: £100.00
  • Net deposit: £1,493.95
  • Bonuses: £342.18 (includes deposit and net spend)
  • Portfolio worth: £1,483.03
  • Balance: £134.75
  • Tournament entries: £102.21
  • Tournament wins: £203.48
  • Profit/Loss: £466.01
  • ROI: 31.19%
  • Tournament Profit/Loss: £101.27
  • Tournament ROI: 99.08%

It certainly look pretty healthy eh? The ROI % could have been higher have I not deposited more. However, I decided to put more in due to having high confidence in Footstock. Most importantly, I enjoy it!

Anyway, that’s it for for post. Stayed tuned for the next one!

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