FootStock Tips for Your Success

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Footstock Tips

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FootStock Tips: Elevate Your Game

FootStock is still a fairly new platform, which is starting to gain serious traction as a Daily Fantasy Football game. It’s got a great little community & our mission today is to provide some tips which can help beginners to increase their game.

I’m going to bring various tips today that should help FootStock players, regardless of the budget they play with. It won’t be a cheat sheet to winning a Pro Tournament, but it will help you increase your profitability & gain a much better understanding of the game. Let’s get to it.

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Complete Your Objectives

Footstock offer rewards for completing various challenges & objectives on their platform, many of these are quite ludicrous. The best thing is, quite a lot of them are really easy to complete & will give you a chance to make a few quid.


There’s currently 79 rewards on offer, but these are updated frequently. 

The challenge we attached above was to own 10 cards, which would then give you a 10% pack discount.

There are many other challenges, some are just as easy, but some will take more work, such as finishing ‘in the money’ in 75 tournaments. 

The rewards also vary, from pack discounts, all the way to free packs, or a player at a guaranteed level, eg a Free Legendary Card.

If you were going to purchase a £29.99 pack, why not complete a challenge and get 10-40% off your purchase?

Freerolls Are Regular & Profitable

If something’s free with the chance of making money, you need to get involved.

Footstock is no different, with regular freerolls available on most days. I’d even advise you signing up to Footstock just for the freerolls alone, as the prize pots are insane.

If you aren’t sure what a freeroll is, they work very similarly to poker. It means that you can enter a tournament free of charge, using your existing collection of players.

It’s easy to become pessimistic, thinking that your players have no chance because they aren’t all legends etc… but I have a story for you.

I was once first in a freeroll, ready to take home £79, when a 1 star basic card that was Michail Antonio decided to score 4 goals, completely demolishing my team of stars. I still ended up with £8 payout, but it’s hard to take when you were #1!

Look at the Market Sentiment

Footstock regularly goes through trends, where prices fluctuate on the market. It’s completely normal and expected on a trading platform.

Let me explain why you should check the market out below. 

It’s quite normal for the Legendary cards to be worth £200+ on the market. When this happens, it would be advisable to attempt to win these players via opening packs. 

In contrast, if the legendary players aren’t at their peak, it may be worth paying their current market price, in order to add them to your collection to keep, or even sell for a profit at a later date.

So remember, if prices are high, you’re better to open packs. Lower prices, buy direct.

Duplicates are Great

If you were playing any other game, duplicates would normally be seen as ‘worthless’. This isn’t the case on Footstock.

Personally, I hoard duplicates. As Footstock are very responsive regarding Youth Players on the platform, it gives players the chance to stock up on these whilst they’re cheap. 

Duplicates offer more than this though. On any given weekend, you would find more than 10 tournaments available to enter. 

If you only hold one Kevin De Bruyne, but expect him to completely dominate, you will still only be able to enter him in one of your lineups. 

To enter 10 tournaments, you will need 10 of a specific player (if you want to add the same player in every lineup).

0% Commission Trading

If you fancy yourself as a Football Trader, wanting to apply your knowledge to the game for profit… you need to know that the FootStock markets don’t charge any commission.

This makes it incredibly easy to make money on the platform, without having to worry about extra fees etc.

Free Bonus Tip for 2020: Follow Footstock on Twitter

Following Footstock on Twitter is a must. This is where they announce product updates, deposit bonuses etc.

In addition to this, Footstock also run one-off competitions through the twitter page. If you aren’t following, you simply won’t see them.

I’ve won a free footstock shirt from the competitions they run, if that’s your thing!