Happy Easter

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! Firstly, I wish everyone a Happy Easter and stay safe and healthy. Currently, our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was in ICU due to worsening COVID-19 symptoms. He recently came out of hospital and we wish him a speedy recovery from this horrible virus.


Virtual tournaments, Roulette, Raffles, opening packs and trading on the market has kept us tradings feeling satisfied despite limitations due to the pandemic situation. The guys behind Footstock have also added more fun to the platform during the weekend.

Virtual PL Playoff

They literally turned the virtual tournaments into a knockout staged cup game. I got to say, it’s smart and fun at the same time. Plenty of drama and tension!

The Show Must Go On

Indeed as Footstock stated, they have something special to announce this coming Saturday 11th April 2020. Rumours and hype rolled into one… I’m excited!

What did I do Last week in Footstock?


Been looking out for any active player cards that I don’t own and attempted to find ways to obtain them. I could either:-

  1. Buy pack(s) from the Shop – see if I’m lucky to grab one of them through opening a pack.
  2. Play Single Roulette – see if I could beat the CPU and hope it’s a card I wanted.
  3. Play Roulette Tournaments – see if I could beat a host of other players CPU and get the card(s) I wanted.
  4. Buy the card from the Market – has to be the right price for me.


I decided to put some of my duplicate cards who I feel people would buy. I put some of them on the market as I looked at the previous price I brought them or got them through packs or Rewards, they look good to go up on sale. Footstock has included this information for us on the website. App versions will be updated with the feature very soon.

My 1st Raffle win

To cap of a brilliant week, I managed to win my first Raffle! Plenty of goodies here with Free Stat Roulette Entriesy, Tournament Entry Discounts and a Deposit Bonus.. Wowza!


Another installment of this since last week’s introduction. This week, is no different and I hope they are worth a try for you.

GAME TO PLAY โ€“ Final Fantasy 7

I managed to complete my 1st run of Resident Evil 3 Remake earlier this morning (7th April 2020). Will replay a few times with some infinite ammo and weapons to get a better rank as it’s a dynamite game!

Anyway, another legendary remake, Final Fantasy 7, is coming at the right time on Friday 10th April 2020.ย  Physical copies are limited due to COVID-19. So, I pre-ordered the digital copy (that’s right the Deluxe version) via PSN for my PS4. My massive CeX credit will be save for other games.

VIDEO TO WATCH โ€“ John Wick Trilogy (Period)

This I’ll recommend watching Keanu Reeves as the ‘Baba Yaga’ aka John Wick. The plot is he’s a former hit-man, his wife died, his wife sent a dog for him to keep life going. The gangster’s son killed his dog and took his car. John Wick goes on revenge mode. Trust me it’s a great entertaining action film trilogy (until number 4 comes out).

Playing activity – Mystery Treasure

For us who have children, this is a must. I play this with my pre-school son a lot recently. I feel that it has helped him develop some important skills like patience, eye for detail, memory and detective skills.

How to play

  1. Simply nominate the detective(s) and the concealer.
  2. The detective(s) will have to look at a room and try to remember where all the objects are.
  3. After 1 minute of scanning around, the detective(s) have to go to another room.
  4. The concealer takes one object away from the room without the detective(s) knowing.
  5. Once the concealer says “Ready”, he/she will give 1 clue to the detective(s) about the missing object.
  6. The detective(s) will come back to the room and can ask a maximum of 5 questions about the object and only 5 guesses in total.

Make sure you use the safer parts of your home to play this.ย 

EXERCISE TO TRY โ€“ Cut the grass

After last week’s Samery Moras’ kicking workout, my legs are dead but feel good and the sun is out. Good time to cut the long grass while at home. If you don’t have a garden, I recommend giving the house a proper cleaning. Cleaning is also a great workout!

Hope this post will cheer everyone up. Stay safe and see you next time!

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