Happy Lunar Year

Happy Lunar Year to my fellow oriental people! Most of the West see it as Chinese New Year but actually it’s also celebrated in Japan, Korea and many other Far East countries. I speak both Cantonese and Mandarin (Chinese Dialects) so ‘Gong Hei Fat Choi’ or ‘Gong Xi Fat Cai’ to everyone!

Also, I hope everyone stay safe and be away from the deadly coronavirus (BBC coronavirus news).

RIP to the sufferers who died from this.

Winter Transfer Window

New Cards

There were several new cards added to Footstock recently during the January window. Below are some of the notable ones:-

Did I buy the new cards on footstock?

I actually didn’t buy them through ‘Market’, what I did do was used my Bronze Pack Discount Coupon(s) that I achieved through my ‘Rewards’. I figured I needed some duplicates of various BASIC and COMMON cards for £10K Freeroll and Beginner tournaments. Hence, I did it this way. I managed to get most above apart from Gedson. However, I don’t feel too bad as he’s joined from the Primeira Liga and Jose Mourinho is very conservative with youth.

Inactive cards on footstock

As we all know, as well as players moving to the Premier League, there will also be some players away to other leagues. Below are some of the notable ones:-

What can we do with them?

They will still serve as value. What you can do is swap them for an active card. How does it work? Well, if you have visited ‘Games’ and played any of roulette games, swapping will randomly give an active card that matches your inactive card’s category similarly. For example, BASIC for BASIC, COMMON for COMMON etc. The beauty of this is, you are guaranteed an active card, period.

You can do this via ‘Collection’, filter by ‘Only inactive’, select the card and choose ‘Swap’. Of course, there is cost to do the swap. Below is the table (source: FootstockChat via Footstock Slack and Twitter):-


I think I didn’t do too bad through the ‘Swap’. Ultimately, I would rather have cards in my ‘Collection’ that I could use for ‘Tournaments’. Duplicates become very useful later on. Below are some of my ‘Swap’ results:-

The satisfaction of getting a card that is high value through swapping is so rewarding! I wish you all good luck on this! That’s it for today. Stayed tuned for the next one!

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