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Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! Today’s topics will be slightly less Footstock related and rather encouraging each other to stay strong during this pandemic period. Previously, I’ve mentioned on another blog post, Lunar New Year and Winter Transfer Window, regarding the coronavirus aka COVID-19. Our Asian brothers and sisters had to go through lock-down about 2-3 months earlier than us before it came to the United Kingdom.

Being a Hong Kong Chinese descent, I managed to not suffer from any racial discrimination but a few banters which I didn’t mind. Other fellow oriental descents (who are not Chinese but Japanese, Korean, Filipino or Thai) suffered across Europe and America. In general, we do not know exactly know the real answer of how COVID-19 really happened. What we should all do is help each other no matter what race, culture or language we speak.

Footstock fun continues

Currently, the Premier League is postponed until 30th April. An extension of postponement is likely to follow due to the contagious spread of COVID-19. This is also the case for the top leagues across Europe too. So what to do during this hiatus in the Footstock world?

Footstock – Virtual Tournament

What Footstock has done is marvelous! Still keeping us entertained almost daily with a virtual tournament driven by their modified Championship Manager simulation. Showing my age here (34 yrs old), the teletext-a-like text flashes have made it very entertaining for us traders. It’s free to enter too and if you predicted the correct score, you’ll win cards!

Roulette Rushes

Footstock has also offered us traders to get lucky on Roulette tournaments for this tough time too. Another bit of fun for us. Like my previous post, Roulette Roses & Peachy Packs, it may have some tips for you to try and win!

More new features

It’s just not Footstock without swift and big announcements. They’ve been very agile and flexible with excellent project management during this tough period, they nailed it again! They have re-branded their shop with new packs and also started giving glimpses of their new design (see here). I recommend keeping up with the news via their twitter handle and join Slack (join Footstock Slack channel)! 

What to do at home?

During this tough period, I’m planning to write a post per week. So this segment may be something fun for all of us. I’ll try to recommend a video game to play, video to watch and an exercise to try each week to overcome boredom in isolation at home.

Game to play – Resident Evil 3 Remake

If you have started reading my blog posts since day one, you’ll notice that I’m a Resident Evil fan. This prestigious remake is coming at the right time on Friday 3rd April 2020. The current situation and what happens in Raccoon City are uncanny except no one has turned into a zombie yet! Getting a physical copy would be difficult so I’m planning to buy the digital copy via PSN for my PS4 despite having some credit to spend at CeX. Dammit! Also available on Xbox One and PC via Steam. Be Jill and defeat Nemesis… S.T.A.R.S!

Video to watch (Kids) – JellyBug

Decided to have a kids section as some of the traders may have kids like myself. This YouTube channel does contain some entertaining meme songs (yes the ones from in the late 90s to early 2000s). Nevertheless, they are catchy and keep your kids bouncing and happy. Below is the infamous “Badger Badger Badger”.

Video to watch – MOTD: The 2018 World Cup Story

Why not relive the World Cup 2018 story? The Kane hat-trick, the penalty shoot out against Colombia, Trippier’s freekick before we bow out in the semi-final to Croatia. If you have BBC iPlayer on TV or other devices, here’s the link.

Exercise to try – 10 min workout for higher kicks

This lady, Samery Moras, is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Showing such grace, skill and flexibility. Martial arts is also my hobby, as I’m a 2nd dan black belt in Jujitsu and I also did kickboxing and Wing Chun too. It’s a tough workout and my flexibility is nowhere near Samery’s! However, it helps my sedentary lifestyle. My wife and young son is joining in too.

Hope this post will cheer everyone up. Like I said above,I’ll aim to write a post each week during this isolation period. Stay safe and see you next time!

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