Money management

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! Today’s topics will be slightly more intensive and I hope we could all learn together about our journey on Footstock. Everyone talks about money management, whether it’s their groceries spending, gift spending, trading on Footstock is no exception. Previously, I’ve mentioned on another blog post, FootStock Scoring matrix and iOS app, that I deposited a pretty handsome amount as I was utilising the deposit bonuses and net spend bonuses as I have high confidence in Footstock. Let’s have a real talk about how to achieve a blissful budget.


As my last deposit was 1st December 2019, I haven’t got the current cash to deposit right now. Child nursery bills, rent/mortgage and general groceries bill increased, you name it. That last deposit was my most devilish. Footstock did not disappoint with their recent announcement (email from Footstock)! Not much advice here but only deposit when you can and be debt free!

Battle for budget

Recently, I’ve been invited for the ‘Meet the Manager’ blog series from WorldCupDanB (here’s the link). I really enjoyed it and I hope it’s another post that you guys would too. In the post, I have been advocating about tournaments being my main motivation and managing money is also part of it.  I always try to keep £100 per month in my balance for Tournaments. If I haven’t been too successful for the previous month in tournaments, I’ll then decide to sell some cards for more tournament budget or review and adjust accordingly. In general, I feel you do not need to be check your Collection everyday to be successful. Hence, I bang on about tournaments. Reviewing then enter if you feel it could be taking minutes rather than hours!

Sell for gil

The word ‘gil’ is a currency used in the classic Final Fantasy 7 (videogames reference again). Sometimes you may have to sell the weapons that you don’t use and in Footstock, it’s the player cards. Again, only sell duplicates and make sure you have enough for various tournaments. Keep an eye on the prices as you could sell some players whose PPG is sinking while their price is still high. I plan to keep at least 6 x cards of the same player or 4 x cards if they’re Legendary. Let’s enjoy the FF7 remake approaching us!

Fight for gil

Here, we are talking about entering as many tournaments as possible to generate budget. Again, from my previous blog post, Android App, Platform announcements & choosing your team, we talked about choosing your team for tournament. It’s all down to your hands. If you lose, don’t be down as that lost becomes a learning experience. After that, use that wit to help you win next time. Let’s listen to the original FF7 on the PlayStation victory theme to drive us!

Tactful tournament taste

February has been a mixed month for my tournament luck. Possibly with many variables below:-

  • Forgot to check my team 30 mins before kick-off
  • Gambled on players that are out of form
  • Gambled on usual suspects
  • Just came up short by a few points
  • Overuses of ‘each way’

Assessing your results

Here’s a few tournaments showing how I did and what I have learnt.

Generally speaking, I do use the ‘each way’ method as you never know which team could win. Ultimately, I look back on the above, I don’t think I have been too bad. Again, learn from your losses and get witty to win next time!

Bathroom breaks part 1

We have all done it, whether it’s to get some time out from your partner, spouse or kids, sorting out your FPL team before the deadline, in Footstock terms, check your team 30 mins before kick-off. You only need 10 mins to help your investment potential. These breaks are potentially the most productive and best invested time!

The late Steve Jobs used to soak his feet in toilet water as a stress-reliever (5 Strange Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs). Not that I would do that but let’s worship our bathroom as a time-out, clear mind time.

Bathroom breaks part 2

Why part 2? Beware the bathroom break could get ugly or potentially embarrassing! Make sure you don’t drop your belongings in the bog or ‘drop the kids off at the pool’ but facing trouble the next. 

Hope this helps give you guys some good food for thought. See you next time!

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