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Since Day 1, FootStock has become a fun and interesting way to trade like a stock market. Rather then reading broadsheets to look at the status of each firms in the FTSE100, you’re trading player cards, assemble your team to enter tournaments and win via your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

There’s been many improvements since the FootStock webapp was released, it really gives me the vibes of playing a video game. Also, it’s more fun and we don’t lose straight away like you place a bet in the bookies. Again, gamble aware, “Gamble Responsibly”.

raccoon city meets Footstock

Sometimes, I feel like I’m playing as Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2 when I’m trading in FootStock.

Not in a survival horror way but pacing yourself, use ammunition and herbs sparingly and save them for the bosses like Mr. X and G! In FootStock, you pace yourself by buying the right types of cards for entering tournaments and give yourself the best chance to win cash.


If you’re into video games like me, you’ll understand the concept of Xbox Achievements and PlayStation Trophies or even unlockable secrets in a game like start with a Rocket Launcher if you complete Resident Evil 2 in under 3 hours!

In FootStock, they have Rewards and I believe gamification helps us enjoy FootStock much more than you think! As the word, Rewards, if you manage to complete these missions, you’ll get Coupons for these goodies:-

Sounds amazing right? There’s more incentive to try to win cash and bragging rights!


Depending on what your deposit is, below are my recommendation templates of what could be possible.

These classification are my video game references and I would cover deposit range, type of cards to buy, type of tournaments to enter in order to max-out your potential!


There’s been a lot people from other trading platforms suggesting that FootStock is a rich person’s game. I can assure you that it isn’t! I backed their campaign with Indiegogo before their release under £20 with “Mr Ashley” and I managed to get 15 x BASIC, 13 x COMMON and 2  x RARE cards.

Pretty good cards too but you can get cards through different mediums like the pack(s) through the “Shop” or individual card(s) through “Market”.

Try to save some of your deposit for single Beginner tournaments. For example, with deposit of £25, use £20 for cards and £5 for your Beginner tournaments for a month and then reinvest accordingly.


With more budget you could aim for Amateur tournaments for bigger prizes but also greater risks. There’s more room for error but then do not get greedy and be savvy with setting order prices.


Go and collect as many LEGENDARY cards as possible!

start your journey

If you are into Fantasy Premier League, PACYBITS FUT or other card games like TEPPEN, I think you will enjoy FootStock!

Join me and the community! I will try to write a post per month if possible. See you next time!

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