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Hello everyone, it is nearly the time of the year again to watch your cheesy movies, corny poems and chat up lines. I’m talking about Valentine’s day! Currently, due to the success of last week, Footstock has offered us traders to get lucky on Roulette tournaments till 7pm 14th February 2020 in time for some Looooooooove. Spin our way to success for some player cards and help Collection value. Let the ball see the wheel… God I’m sounding like Paddy McGuiness!

What cards to use?

Start asking yourself these questions:-

When you have the answer to them, I’ll say give it a go. The joy of winning them by pure luck is very satisfying.

Warning: Make sure you don’t mistaken it as Russian Roulette. We are not trying to beat Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid!

Fred AKA Freddy Krueger

Among the community, Roulette had to have restrictions due to Lord Fred’s dominance at the Roulette Tournaments. He definitely is very good but you can only use him sparingly now to avoid Roulette Tournaments filled with Fred. Proper OP like Dark Soul boss that will make you smash your console controllers!

Opening Packs

Another hot topic in the past fortnight has to be buying packs from the SHOP. I recommend if you have coupons that you’ve achieved from REWARDS use them when buying packs.

Bronze, Silver or Gold?

As long as you have coupons for them and you have the enough cash in the Balance then go for it. I was lucky recently to bag myself some gems below.

I was absolutely buzzing to managed to get Adama Traore who is a Legendary card!

Any secret techniques?

There is a technique one should master. Comedy gold!

Hope that gives you plenty of laughter and love. Now, if the above technique did work for you, send me plenty of kisses and chocolate!  See you next time!

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