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It’s time to play Virtual Battles

Footstock virtual battles

Footstock Virtual Battles: The New Game for 2020

What are Virtual Battles?

Virtual Battles is the name for Footstock’s latest gaming addition. They promised more fun and entertainment whilst there was no football being played… and they have delivered.

Virtual Battles are small contests which are on offer 24-7. 

As soon as all of the participant spots have been filled, a virtual matchup will play out between the two chosen teams. 

The point scoring and gameplay is very similar to the Virtual Tournaments, except for there’s a limited number of spots in every game on Virtual Battles (Tournaments are unlimited amount of people).


Want to try FootStock?

When you try FootStock using our link, you can claim a fantastic welcome bonus. This contains 50 Bonus Cards, Tournament Coupons & a Double Up Coupon. All explained, below.

How to Play Virtual Battles

Footstock have developed a Unique Game engine, which will use the players Points Per Game and Statistics, to create a Virtual match with realistic effects. 

Currently, there’s 8 people allowed in a single match, but there’s always new games being added. 

Plenty of fun to be had.

There are also various entry points, with £0.50 being the lowest and £5 the highest that I’ve seen.

Who gets paid out as a Winner of the Virtual Battle?

If it’s a two player battle, the winner will receive 100% of the pot. 

If it’s a 4 player battle, the winner receives 70% and the person in 2nd place will receive 30%

In an 8 man battle royale, the winner gets 60%, 2nd gets 27.5% and the third place finisher receives 12.5% of the pot.

Note, Footstock take a small fee from every entry fee. 

An 8 man tournament at £5 entry costs £40 total, but the prize pot on offer is £36.40. 

I think that’s more than acceptable! Quite similar to the Poker rake.

Can I enter multiple Virtual Battles?

Yes, you can enter multiple virtual battles, providing you have a big enough collection!

If you enter multiple tournaments, the game results aren’t revealed until you’ve watched the game either, meaning there’s minimal chance of spoilers.

Usual lineup restrictions apply, which is very similar to the usual tournaments that we are all used to.

What is the FootStock Sign Up Bonus?

The FootStock Sign Up Bonus is actually quite generous, when you click the Sign Up link on our website.

What's the Bonus?

You will receive 50 Bonus Cards to start off, alongside tournament coupons and a double up pack. 

We are most excited about this double up pack!

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What's special about the Double up?

In a normal Premium Pack you would receive 10 cards. At the price of £99.99, that’s basically £10 a card. 

With the double up pack, you would be getting each card for £5 each, which is a great discount! It also increases your chances of hitting a legendary card!

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